Calculate returns on systematic investments.

SIP Planner/ Financial Goal Calculator


Using SIP Planner

This sip planner will tell you the amount you need to save each day/ each month/ each year to reach a financial goal (target amount). You can use this calculator to find the sip amount for mutual fund investments, retirement schemes or even recurring savings in your bank account. The returns are compounded on the respective sip cycle i.e., monthly investments are compounded monthly, yearly investments are compounded annually and daily sips are compounded every day.


Rearranging the terms in the formula for sip returns calculation, we have:-

P = FV / [((1 + i)n - 1) / i) × (1 + i)]

FV = Future value/ Maturity amount
P = SIP amount
n = number of sip payments
i = periodic interest rate per sip payment

Disclaimer:- The content of this website does not constitute financial advice and is solely meant for information purpose. The calculations are accurate as per the prescribed formula.