Calculate interest on recurring deposits.

Recurring Deposit Calculator


About Recurring Deposits

Recurring deposit (RD) is a savings plan offered by banks and post offices in India, wherein you deposit a certain amount every month for a fixed tenure, usually six months and longer. Interests on recurring deposits are compounded quarterly and paid on maturity. Interest rates differ from bank to bank and may vary over time. See the latest interest rates on RDs offered by SBI, HDFC, ICICI and post office.

RD Calculation Formula

Following is the for calculating maturity value of recurring deposits given by Indian Banks' Association, which is a simplification of the formula for calculating future value of annuity with monthly payments and quarterly compounding:-

A = P . ((1+i)n-1) / (1-(1+i)-1/3)

A = Maturity amount
P = Monthly installment
n = Number of quarters
i = r/4
r = Interest rate in percentage

Daily RD, Weekly RD, Yearly RD

To calculate maturity value and interest earned on recurring deposits with daily/ weekly/ yearly installments, use periodic savings calculator.

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